Terrain and End Times

It's time for another Fjordhammer. This time we cover a wide variety of topics. Starting off the episode we have some listener questions, news and general chat. Then I break into Battletome: The End Times, my major pet project. It's a 50 000 word AoS tome, with 49 battleplans and loads more content! Mark Mitzman joins me for a chat about terrain, you guys should listen because he's older than the World-That-Was and knows a thing or two about the topic. Finally, I break into the Realmgate Wars in Lorehammer. If you've ever wondered what that whole thing was about, you will soon know!


New of the podcast is the first sponsor, Immortal Realms! They're a company about to launch their first terrain kickstarter, with some great looking stuff. The kickstarter is coming this June, and the sponsorship will last for the duration. They're making some really AoS-looking stuff, so check them out! ATM you can find them on twitter @ https://twitter.com/immortal_realm


If you'd like to check out Battletome: The End Times you can find it on TGA. Follow the link directly to it for your biggest source of AoS narrative gaming content.


You can find Mitzy on twitter by clicking the link below!


And as always, the links to finding more of me:




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